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tackling the taboo through education

We are on a mission to provide the most comprehensive, inclusive and trustworthy menstrual health education across generations.

first, let's define:

menstrual health

[mɛnstrʊəl hɛlθ]  noun

a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in relation to the menstrual cycle

official definition by the Global Menstrual Collective Terminology Action Group (2021)

time to explore, equip and learn...


We value the power of storytelling.


Explore our collection of lived experience stories and find out how others have navigated their menstrual journeys.

Teaching Resources

Teachers, we have you covered.


Here you'll find menstrual health-related outcomes from the NSW syllabus with click-through links to relevant topics and resources.


Want to fill your knowledge gaps?


From period basics to menstrual conditions, learn about menstrual health at breadth with fact-based explanations and links to reputable resources.

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