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our project origin story

peried was founded by four transdisciplinary university students in their final year of studying a
Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.


Each team member has had a profoundly unique lived experience or are close to individuals with profoundly unique menstrual health experiences. Yet despite both themselves and/or their friends experiencing menstrual health conditions (which often took years to get a diagnosis for) there still seems to be a devastating lack of education and awareness in the area. After much discussion and research, it was evident that young people wished to be more up to date with their bodies and their menstrual health.

enter peried


peried is a two-sided solution centred on comprehensive menstrual health education to bridge knowledge gaps on all menstrual health topics. Our website seeks to provide teachers and students with a greater sense of awareness as to what is normal and not normal regarding an individual's menstrual health journey.

meet the team

Portrait Angelina Das.jpeg

Angelina Das

Angelina is a problem solver who is passionate about creating positive change through creativity, boldness and compassion. She studied a Bachelor of Business (majoring in marketing and human resources) and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. Her professional experience ranges from digital marketing work with not-for-profits and start-ups to consulting with integrated marketing communications agencies and transnational corporations.


Having experienced nearly a ten-year wait to be diagnosed with endometriosis, Angelina is passionate about driving early intervention in the hope of shortening others’ diagnosis journeys.


Melanie Philippou

Melanie is a creative thinker and innovative strategist, passionate about solving complex challenges to drive meaningful change. She studied a Bachelor of Communications (majoring in advertising and digital social media) and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. Her professional experience spans creative brand and digital marketing agencies, as well as cross-collaboration enterprises such as The Constellation Project.


From her own lived experience of debilitating dysmenorrhea, Melanie is deeply interested in destigmatising all menstrual experiences and improving access to education on these topics at breadth.

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