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On this page, you’ll find menstrual health related syllabus points for Stages 2 and 3 that have been taken directly from the NSW Kindergarten to Year 10 Syllabus.


For each, we at peried have provided click-through links to the various topics that can be covered under the outcome. Simply find the stage and syllabus point you’re planning a lesson for and follow the topic blocks to be redirected to reputable information and resources that can easily be integrated into your classrooms. 


Health, Wellbeing and Relationships
Outcome: How can we manage change?
Sub-outcome: students describe changes associated with puberty e.g. menstruation

(NSW PDHPE K–10 SYLLABUS 2018, pg. 56) 
Outcome: What skills and strategies do we need to be healthy, safe and empowered?
Sub-outcome: students discuss the contextual factors influencing personal choices and decisions around health, safety and physical activity

Example: students identify medical conditions that influence personal choices and decisions

(NSW PDHPE K–10 SYLLABUS 2018, pg. 63


Health, Wellbeing and Relationships
Outcome: How can I manage transitions and challenges?
Sub-outcome: students understand that individuals experience change associated with puberty at different times, intensity and with different responses.
e.g. menstruation, wet dreams

(NSW PDHPE K–10 SYLLABUS 2018, pg. 66
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